About us

Vegan food of the highest quality,
directly from our farm to your table!


We wanted someone to regularly deliver delicious vegan food to us, which…we decided to make ourselves.

Eco Rico's mission is to provide customers with healthy meals, prepared with the highest quality vegetables grown on a local farm and prepared by an experienced chef. We firmly believe that you are what you eat and that is why we use only organic products for our dishes, without pesticides or GMOs.

Every week we offer Eco&Rico baskets, full of healthy foods and vegetables, delivered directly to our customers' doorsteps. We are expanding our offer with cakes, breads, jars and fresh vegetables. In addition, our staff are also experienced in organizing barbecues, picnics and outdoor events.

Eco Rico's vegan meals are the best investment in your health and saving time. We have a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs.


History of the founders:

Agata arrived on the island in 2015 with the first direct flight from Poland to make one of her dreams come true. From the beginning of her stay, she focused on activism, getting involved in the process of creating a new animal welfare law. Agata is a psychologist and provides online training for therapists who want to expand their knowledge. His life mission and eternal dream is to create a good place for people, their development and for animals.

Piotr is an entrepreneur and business consultant with nearly 20 years of combined professional experience in business development, strategic planning, blockchain, ICT, marketing, sales, and customer service. He is a crypto investor, builder and advisor, author of the book Bitcoin Explained - Beginners Guide to Profits . Piotr is personally interested and absorbed in personal development, risk management and education.


We met in the summer of 2020 and our shared dreams led us to buy a farm a year later. Since then, we have been working virtually every day to implement our vision and create a space for local community development and to help animals in crisis. One of our projects, Eco Rico, is a vegan ready-to-eat meal service delivered directly to our customers' doors and made from vegetables from our garden. Currently, most of our plans and efforts are focused on building an ecological space for the production of healthy food, personal development workshops, promoting an ethical life and, of course, creating a sanctuary for pets.