Do you want to buy our basket, but are you afraid that it will not meet your expectations?

Do you think that our dishes are not as tasty as they seem?

Do organic vegetables seem overrated to you?


We guarantee the quality of our product, therefore...

Each Eco&Rico basket is automatically covered by a special Eco Rico Satisfaction Guarantee Program.


What is the Eco Rico Satisfaction Guarantee Program?

If you buy an Eco & Rico basket and its quality does not meet your expectations, we will simply refund your money!

We are sure of our food , its quality, freshness and flavor, so we run the risk of not meeting your expectations.


Return Policy :

1. The program starts on September 9, 2022 and will run until further notice.

2. The program covers Eco&Rico baskets purchased only through the website:

3. The applicant has to complete the satisfaction form sent by the Eco Rico team before sending a notification of dissatisfaction with the product.

4. In the form, the sum of the following questions cannot exceed 9 points in total (bearing in mind that 1 is considered the most negative score and 5 the most positive):
a) How do you rate the quality and taste of our food? (1): on a scale of 1 to 5 points.
b) Did the portion sizes match the description on the website? (2): scale from 1 to 5 points.
c) How do you rate the delivery service? (3): scale from 1 to 5 points.

5. If the applicant scores below a 4 on the “serving size” criteria, they should document the serving size through a photo.

6. If the applicant scores below 4 in the "delivery" criterion, the following indicators must be taken into account:
a) 5 points - the delivery man arrived on time and communicated important information about the basket,
b) 4 points - the delivery man arrived on time, but did not say anything about the basket,
c) 3 points - the delivery man was more than 30 minutes late,
d) 2 points - the delivery man was more than 1 hour late and did not notify about the delay,
e) 1 points - the delivery man did not arrive with the delivery.

7. If the applicant scores below 4 for the “food quality and taste” criterion, they should justify their assessment, which cannot be explained solely by an aversion to a specific ingredient or an allergy.

8. The Eco Rico team is not responsible for allergic reactions caused by the product or by the combination of the product with other substances if the requirements for a given product have not been met.

9. The Eco Rico team is not responsible for any change in the quality and taste of food caused by storing it outside the refrigerator, contrary to the information included in the basket.

10. The Eco Rico team may not accept a rating of less than 3 in the "food quality and taste" criteria if the average of the ratings given by other customers to the basket is greater than 4.

11. Notification of dissatisfaction with the basket must be made within 5 days after delivery to the following email address: The return will be processed within 7 business days.

12. The Eco Rico team reserves the right to interpret the provisions of this Return Policy.

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